FileZilla for Mac

Many companies use Mac for its sophisticated and professional design. In an extensive computer network setup, an advanced, fast, and secure FTP client is necessary. FileZilla is the open-source software that works perfectly for Mac. The program does not only handle FTP, but also supports FTPS and SFTP for reliable transfers of different files on multiple servers. FileZilla can resume interrupted file transfers and is capable of transferring a significant amount of data of up to 4 GB.

This software offers a variety of smart features for Mac users. It has a file queuing feature that lines up file transfers at a given time for an organized transfer. The program also arranges files before the transfer to make sure the files are synchronized between computers. FileZilla’s Find Utility feature allows Mac users to search and locate the exact file they need and transfer it easily. The interface has a clean design and is navigable for a convenient transferring experience.

Click on the icon for a free FileZilla download for Mac. Users only need Mac OS X to download the software.